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It's My 19th Birthday! (AGHH!!)

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! Yes, I'm officially that awkward age between being able to vote and entering your early twenties. I am one year closer to ending my teenage years which is absolutely INSANE to me. Time has flown by WAY too fast. It feels like yesterday I was turning ten getting my hair done at Libby Lu and sticking sparkles to my face while simultaneously dancing to Hannah Montana surrounded by all the girls in my fourth-grade class.

One birthday, I may have been in the sixth or seventh grade, four of my best friends and I decorated some cakes at my kitchen table. I thought I was going to be a professional baker at that point in my life. We spent hours piping, making fondant (oh yeah, we were serious), and applying icing to our own individual cakes. Well, we finally finished and my mom was about to take a picture of all of us when...MY FACE WAS SUDDENLY SMASHED INTO MY BEAUTIFUL CAKE. My face was covered in blue icing and crumbles of what remained of my masterpiece of a cake…

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